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Peaceful slumber

Choose from a variety of soothing sounds, adjust the volume, and customize the light & breathing motion to your preference.

Suitable for all ages

This huggable otter provides perfect bedtime comfort for children, teenagers, and adults alike.


Verified Buyer

I love it my baby will use this for his bedtime routine. I’m also thinking of gifting one of these to my nephew.

Amanda Duddy
Verified Buyer

We absolutely love the otter toy for our baby. It has many different sounds including music, white noise, a heart beat and snoring. He goes to sleep right away! The otter’s chest rises up and down and lights up!

Verified Buyer

My baby is sick right now and I gave him this otter to calm him down and take a nap. The breathing of the belly going up and down really soothed him and the white noise feature!

Verified Buyer

This otter is so darn cute. I like the breathing, heartbeat and the gentile music. I bought this for a shower and I'm sure she will love this for her baby girl! I love it so i know she will also !!

Emmy Rose
Verified Buyer

This otter is furry, so soft and cuddly. My 5-month-old grandson immediately grabbed it and buried his face in it. He loves the sound machine feature too. I turn the light off because I think it keeps him awake (he likes to look at it!), but he does love the light too, and the belly breathing motion. We leave this here in his crib at Gramma and Grampa's.One note: I wish the sound feature had an option to play longer, or play continually until you turn it off. This little otter plays the sound you select for 30 minutes, then shuts off automatically. Good for battery life, but bad for a baby who needs the sleep sounds to keep napping!

Verified Buyer

Very soft texture, emits white noise, snoring, sides of the heart as described, happy with the purchase.

Verified Buyer

Purchased as a baby shower gift. Lovable, huggable baby Otter. It softly plays multiple songs, white noises, heartbeats, womb breathing, has stomach motion to imitate breathing, soft light on tummy, and volume control. The plus...the electronics can be easily removed so the skin can be washed.

Meagan Ecker
Verified Buyer

When my daughter was tiny she was extremely gassy all the time. This thing was a LIFE SAVER! I would put it against her belly and it would help to massage the gas out. She still likes to play with it to this day at almost 10 months old. Definately recommend 10/10

Emily Lunde
Verified Buyer

This otter is amazing. We use it every night to help our daughter get settled down to sleep. She loves the songs and the light that shines on the belly. The breathing part on it kinda started acting up so we just turned that setting off. Our little one enjoys playing with the otter before she falls asleep.

Bethany Shaw
Verified Buyer

This cute little guy is perfect for my baby. It’s vibrates in 10m intervals and sings. It’s adorable. There is also a mode to just do vibration by itself or just sing by itself too. We have boughten this Every 2 years. That seems to be when it goes out haha

Verified Buyer

She requested it directly and wanted it so bad, has slept with it every single night since

Verified Buyer

Originally bought this for my first grandchild.He loves it so much!He takes naps sometimes in my care, so Granny needed one too!Only downside is that while this precious child falls asleep to this wonderful otter, Granny’s eyes start to get heavy too! The tunes are beautiful and so calming…perfect for adults that have a hard time going to sleep.

Lucinda D
Verified Buyer

My infant granddaughter loves this! I just turn on the soothing music and she is out like a light. It's very calming. Almost puts me to sleep, too! She loves to hold him or just look at him.

Verified Buyer

LOVE THIS PRODUCT!So soft and adorable. Gifted this as a holiday gift for a four-month-old and then again for a 6-month-old and it was a huge hit for both of them!

William Travis
Verified Buyer

MY Granddaughter is absolutely going to love it for Christmas

Verified Buyer

I love this otter. Never mind just how cute it is. Because it is cute, but… my baby has terrible acid reflux. Meds help, and so does sleeping on an incline but we spent weeks Co sleeping because it was only way to allow anyone adequate sleep. And we didn’t want to co sleep. Not only is it not safe, but it’s hard to sleep when your body is forced to stay unloving in a not entirely comfortable position.Then the otter came. Oh blessed otter. The heart beat sounds, along with the rhythmic sound of the electronics making the otter breathe is fantastic. Paired with the medicine and an incline and my baby is now sleeping the night away… which means we are sleeping the night away. Thank you Ottie the Otter. You will forever stay at the head of my babies bassinet (and eventually crib), peacefully breathing and beating your heart for our benefit. Bless you.

Verified Buyer

I bought this for my best friend who is expecting a baby any day now. The expecting parents were so impressed with all of the options (sounds, light, movement, and especially the volume control) and how soft it is. It really is incredibly cute. I can't wait to see how it works with the little bundle of joy.

Verified Buyer

Couldn’t help activating before I gave it as a gift! My friend absolutely loved it!! Baby due in December and it’s already in her crib

Verified Buyer

Great for helping your little ones sleep

Dee Dee
Verified Buyer

doesn't just work for baby's, works for puppies to! our 8 month old puppy absolutely loves it

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