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96.7% of customers bought more than two because the sound is louder and safer!

Are there always some cars and pedestrians on the road that do not notice you, for the safety of you and your family, please choose our train horn.


Our 300DB Train Horn offers the loudest sound on the market, while also being the most compact Train Horn offered. The  Train Horn is a high-quality, high-end train horn kit designed to integrate into as many trucks as possible. On top of that, the installation process takes less than 10 minutes.

Train Horn is Suitable For Almost Any Vehicle! While It’s the perfect upgrade for trucks, our horn is also compatible with SUVs, passenger cars, boats and motorcycles. Like we mentioned earlier, The installation process takes less than 10 minutes and is easy to do. Instructions and everything you need is included!

Our Horn features an extremely powerful directly injected mini-compressor paired with a patented snail design to really charge and amp up the sound! All integrated into one small but powerful device! There is no bulky air compressor, only a small device that produces incredible sound! Its so compact, almost HALF of our customers buy and install 2 horns for double the loudness!

Here’s why the 300DB  Train Horn is the BEST!

  • Discrete, Compact Black Design
  • 300DB Sound Volume, The Most Powerful on The Market!
  • Loud, Clear and Deep Train-Like Sound
  • Simple Installation
  • Made from Quality metals and an ABS construction that wont oxidize


Tamara Spence
Verified Buyer

Installed for about a week now. Very well built and quite loud. Wiring is easy since it's going thru the relay. Biggest obstacle was finding a suitable place to mount the compressors.

Hazel Espinoza
Verified Buyer

Simple system 2 air compressors and 2 horns. It was easy to install in a Tahoe. The system is very loud considering the horn and compressor size. Drivers react to the sound immediately. I ran a remote control push button switch to the horns to avoid running wires inside the vehicle.

Mahir Solis
Verified Buyer

I'd my car alarm shop installing this horns on a on/off switch. When the switch is off, I have my regular horn on. When it's on...then this tween horns are on. Basically a lot of times, people are texting, browsing the internet on their phones & the lights are changing...that's when I make those types of drivers woking up of their melancholy and bring them back to the traffic.

Neave Whitehead
Verified Buyer

Horns are dirty, and scratched see photos, a bent prong, obviously used, but paid for a new horn, hope it still works, will accept some sort of credit issued to my account I willing to keep it if it works, this is my 2nd one I have bought from yo, I traded in my old Jeep with the 1st horn.....Please advise

Gloria Sutherland
Verified Buyer

I installed two seperate switches, one to be able to turn power on/off to the compressors any time, and the other to use the horn. Haven’t had to use it in traffic yet but i did enjoy startaling a few inocent bystanders. I loaded a video of the diffrence from the regular horn and the mega blast while going down the road. May upload one later from outside the truck.

Donald Rich
Verified Buyer

Stock horn on my Titan just didn't have enough nuggets, these horn's are so badass super Loud, each horn has its own compressor only problem I had was no wiring harness but I found and bought a wiring harnesses for each compressor, finally something that isn't made in China Italian made awesome quality, if you're looking for a very loud horn these are it very happy with them

Hussain Mason
Verified Buyer

The horn was easy to hook up once I found a spot to install it. I installed this horn on a 1997 Buick Riviera between the front left quarter panel and engine bay wall. One of the compressors were bolted onto the strut housing and the other beside the engine air filter box. Lastly the wire to the switch was ran through the shifter cable rubber seal so I could get the wire inside the cab and have it still hidden. The horn is simple to install and the difficulty level is based on what you are installing it on.

Savannah Odom
Verified Buyer

OMG! Scared the crap out of me the first time I fired it up. This is the real deal if you're looking for loud. Not at all easy to install, you will need to provide all of the wiring. If you are not electrical/mechanical inclined then do not buy this unless you are going to have someone install it for you

Sumaiya Sanders
Verified Buyer

Installed these horns on my tech the day they arrived and was quite impressed with the ease of installation and the instructions are detailed enough to sort the process. As my kids said HOLY COW those are loud.

Yousef Sweeney
Verified Buyer

The wiring instruction could be better or more on the website! This is the best horn that I`ve put on so far!

Robyn Mccarthy
Verified Buyer

Not the easiest to install in a already cramped engine compartment. Extremely loud, can not verify but believe the 2 people who cut me off, may have had to stop for a change of undergarments after a brief tap of the horn. The absolute look of “ I pissed my pants when you honked” was well worth the head ache of the install.

Elodie Mccarty
Verified Buyer

Really blows Awesome truck sound, I couldn't believe it. Thank you.

Austin Gill
Verified Buyer

Outstanding quality Italian product form the land that gave us pizza, pasta and quality wine. Good quality and loud and train like as described. Why buy a Chinese knock off when you can have the real thing? 100% satisfied.

Ria Beltran
Verified Buyer

Let others know to get out of the way when they are coming into my lane

Julian Mejia
Verified Buyer

Easy to install. Nice and LOUD

Julian Mejia
Verified Buyer

IF you are wondering if it is loud enough for a passenger vehicle, yes.. Very loud.

Brodie Meza
Verified Buyer

They are great! My car still looks new thanks to these horns!

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