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Reduce anxiety & depression

Is your cat bored? Laying around too much?

Look no further and stimulate your cat’s brain with the original smart ball from aiveys!

This ball has the perfect combination of movement and interactive play needed to give your cat the thrill of the hunt in the safety of your home.

Its prey-like movements will encourage your cat to engage with it, providing healthy mental and physical stimulation.

The playtime they crave, even when you’re busy

Cats are curious animals and love to play, but as much as we’d love to give them our full attention all day, it’s just not possible.

When we’re busy at work or running errands, it can leave our furry friends feeling bored and anxious.

The aiveys automatic smart ball is the easiest way to give your adventure seeking cat the time of a lifetime, even when you’re not home!

Made with your loved one in mind

As fellow pet parents, we know how much we love our pets. That’s why our smart ball is made with non-toxic silicone that is both quiet & durable.

Our toy can withstand the ball of energy that is your cat, providing your pet with the best playtime possible.

  •  No Feathers or parts to swallow


Lena S
Verified Buyer

Okay you guys I was not too sure if this product was as good as it looks in the videos, but my cat Vader is obsessed with his new toys! My husband and I work a 9-5 each day so my lil man is home alone for much time of the day and I could just tell he was so bored. I was feeling so guilty about him being alone for so long with nothing to do. I saw an ad for the aiveys ball on facebook and did the buy one get one free deal and let me tell you.. Vader is so much happier! We come home from work and can see such a huge difference in his attitude and demeanor. So much less lethargic, he plays with them nonstop! I 100% recommend it to anyone with cats. 🐱

Anthony M
Verified Buyer

My cat Beans loves this toy more than any other toy Ive ever got him. He gets so excited to play with it in the morning and gets mad at me when I have to take it away to charge it. His attitude has improved so much since getting this ball and now I feel like my boy is getting the playtime he really needs 😁😁

Dev H
Verified Buyer

So pleased with this toy. It keeps my boy running around alllll day long. It’s such a relief not having to worry if we are giving him enough attention or play time, this ball does it all!

Ashley B
Verified Buyer

This toy exceeded my expectations! I have a super active cat.. way too active cat. I’ve bought countless toys for him, and he only plays with them for short amounts of time before never touching it again. Jasper LOVES this toy!! I'm very surprised at the quality of the toy for the price, when it goes up to a wall or an object it will back up and go another direction. This keeps him entertained daily and Im so happy to have found it! I will never need to buy him another toy, because this does it all for him. Don’t walk, RUN to get these!!!!

Mable W
Verified Buyer

If you have any doubts about purchasing these balls, dont! I was unsure if Gregory would play with them, because my boy is a bit chunky. I have been desperately trying to find ways to keep him active due to him being overweight, but nothing engages him enough to get him moving around. I have been working on his diet but the major issue is that he doesn’t want to move around during the day. He just sits there, even if I try moving toys around infront of him. I bought these balls on a whim, at my wits end. Gregory actually gets up to play with them! The aiveys balls are the only toys in my house that make him excited! He’s been playing for the last week and I can already notice a difference in him. I’m so pleased!!!🥰

Darlene O
Verified Buyer

My cat Luna wanted me to write this review and let you know that she recommends this toy to any cat… she wishes I would have found it sooner. Luna is so picky with her toys that almost anything I buy her sits in the corner collecting dust… Luna is almost 11 years old so she doesn’t get excited about much. Let me tell you, she gets so excited over this ball. She only stops to eat! I’m not kidding! We love it.

Bella H
Verified Buyer

I adopted my cat Donny a few months ago, and it’s been SO hard because as much as I love him, he’s so destructive. I have tried so many different things to try to keep him from ripping up my furniture but he has been relentless. He has multiple scratching posts, plenty of string, plenty of catnip toys… nothing does it for him. I saw an ad for these balls a few days ago and the reviews seemed pretty good so I gave it a try.. I am so happy I did!!! These balls entertain Donny to no end, he has stopped scratching up my chairs and couch! This toy is the perfect way to stimulate your cat and keep them entertained so they don’t resort to bad behavior. I’m so happy I found this and will be purchasing another if anything ever happens to the ones we have!!

Nancy W
Verified Buyer

I have 5 cats… so you can guess that it’s hard to keep them all entertained. I saw these balls on instagram and knew we had to try it. I paid for 2 and got 2 free and it was worth every penny! Honestly I would pay more for these just knowing how much it entertains my cats. They love it so much and they bond over playing with it!!! ❤️

Wesley H
Verified Buyer

Finley loves her new ball. She plays with it nonstop that I think she will have this ball for the rest of her life. 😂 Finley has a short attention span so I needed to find her something engaging and the aiveys ball is the perfect toy for that! She will play for hours and only stops till she is absolutely exhausted. It’s a plus that the toy automatically turns itself off after 5 minutes of inactivity, so I never worry about it rolling all around the house uncontrollably!!!

Derek C
Verified Buyer

The best toy for your cat!!!!!!!! The only thing I could say is that I wish the battery would last a bit longer.. but perhaps it is a lot to ask for how perfect this toy is already! 😂 It’s very easy to charge though, so it’s really not an issue whatsoever. My two cats love this toy and I’m sure they would recommend it to their friends if they could.

Devin G
Verified Buyer

My cat didn't really like it very much, but my dogs did. At Least someone's using it lol

Maple F
Verified Buyer

My cat seems more confused than anything. Keeps her entertained though

Adam G
Verified Buyer

Very cool toy, my cat loves it! The ball came with a short white USB-C cable. When turned on, the ball stays active for 5 mins after which it automatically shuts itself off. My cat still plays with it even when it's off though. :D

Patrick L
Verified Buyer

Moves alone well on smooth floors and lights come on.

Nada T
Verified Buyer

The cat liked the toy, thank you

Fernando C
Verified Buyer

The cats love it

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